My crowns are made by me, Anna, a long-time chronic pain sufferer. I am also a person who has a million interests and a profound need to create things. One day, while having a migraine, I just could not get my heating pads just right. It frustrated me (of course everything frustrates me during a migraine…) that there aren’t more options out there. I really love the Therma Care type heating pads, but always struggle with placement, plus they often love to rip out every tiny hair I have on my neck with the adhesive. I am just a mess. Anyway, I decided to try the rice thing and I really liked it. Sure, the heat doesn’t last as long as an electric heating pad or the Therma Care heating pads, but it is still really nice and effective. I also love that they are microwavable and there are no cords because often, despite the pain, I still have to function.

I hope my crowns are able to help others the way that they have helped me.

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