Sleepy Kitty Flannel Rice-Filled Heating Pad Crown

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Microwaveable rice-filled heating pads made of 100% cotton flannel materials to calm your aches and pains in comfort and style.

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Whether you have migraines, headaches, tension, other miseries, or just want to feel some soothing warmth, this crown was made with you in mind. Wear it with the confidence that people will only slightly wonder what is going on, thus eliminating most of the “what’s wrong” comments that one is likely to hear when using other heating pads for head and neck pain. Because when you are in pain, the last thing you need is questions. So look good while getting some relief.

We use high-quality Jasmine rice in every microwavable headband. The fabric is 100% cotton flannel and is stitched together, in-house, with 100% cotton thread. Each handmade crown comes with a matching drawstring pouch.


  • 40 inches long, 1.5 inches thick
  • Each tie section is approximately 14″ long
  • The rice section is approximately 12″ long
  • The headband, in total, weighs about .5 ounces

Using your heating pad

The headband will be ready to go once microwaved about 30 seconds. Time may be increased by 10-second intervals, as needed. Microwave time is based on a 1000-watt microwave, but times may vary depending on your personal microwave, as well as your personal heat tolerance.

Once heated, you will feel a soothing, humid heat from the rice section of the headband. It can be worn on the head, around the neck, around an ankle, around a wrist, or even just cuddle up with the headband with it in its pouch.

The headband retains its warmth for up to 30 minutes, depending on how exposed it is to the air, especially if you have your hair down over it or are covered with a blanket.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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